Over 25 Years of Experience in Professional Dog Training,
Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services. 

We Bring Out The Best In Every Dog!

About Myself

My name is Tracy Longoria. I have been teaching dogs and their owners how to live happily together over twenty five years. I attended CT K-9's Dog Training and Dog Psychology courses. Graduating top of my class I recieved my diploma as a professional Dog Trainer in 1992. I have trained both one-on-one and group classes. Working for myself and for facilities such as Best Friends, local park and recreation depts and The Mellow Mutt. Teaching is by far the best job I have ever had. It's a wonderful thing when you can bring patience, love and understanding together and have it last a lifetime.

I have also worked for a local veterinarian as a Veterinarian Technician. I learned first hand about various injuries and diseases and how to treat them. I have extensive knowledge regarding Bloat, Lyme Disease, Arthritis and Knee injuries, and skin conditions.  Working in this capacity has taught me about people and the great love they have for their pets.

My dog Austin and I were on a disaster and wilderness search and rescue team for over two years. we hold an amazing bond. This type of training is not only exceptionally rewarding for the person but also for the dog.  This experience taught me so much about the loyalty and love our dogs have not only for us but for the human race.

I myself  have always had animals. I can't imagine life without that kind of companionship. I have dedicated my time to teach others what a joy it can be to have a well-behaved dog to love and share their lives with. A dog that you can take anywhere and be proud of. A dog that is in every way a part of the family.
Besides of being a dog trainer and a professional pet care provider,  owner of a farm, I also am a Akita breeder. I have been raising Akitas for the past twenty five years.  They are truly part of my heart and soul and I am so thankful to be blessed with their companionship and presence. 

About The Polite Pooch, LLC 

Hi, my name is Tracy Longoria. I am the owner of The Polite Pooch, LLC.  I have been training dogs and their owners for the over tweny five years. I offer the very best in Professional Obedience Training from Puppy to Advanced off-leash and Canine Good Citizen classes and tests,  My focus is to teach each student patience, understanding and control while having a great time. It is my belief that dogs and their owners learn faster when enjoying themselves and that dogs can and should learn from praise and repetition and not from food. A dog should work for it's owner out of love and respect and not for the reward of a treat.

            About Your Pets' Au Pair

I also offer excellent In-Home Pet Sitting Services for all types of pets. If you are looking for someone who is Professional, Reliable, Trustworthy, Caring, and Experienced to take care of all your pets needs and also your home during the day or while your away I'm just that person. I offer several different services such as, daily dog walks, medication administration, and  pet taxi services. I am available during the days or extended visits for those going away for the weekend or even longer. If you don't want to leave your beloved pets in a kennel envionment but rather leave them in the comforts of their own home, then In-Home Pet Siting is for you. Your home will be safe and secure, mail brought in, plants watered. lights put on. I will come to your home as many times as you wish and make sure your pets are happy and your home is safe. In my many years in business I have had the greatest pleasure of taking care of of the best pets ever. I'd love the opportunity to take care of yours.

I also offer a Pet Taxi service. Are you to busy and don't have the time to take your pets to the Vet or the Groomer's? Well then, let me. I can drive your cat or dog to their appointments and have them back home before you get in.

A Smart and Well-Behaved Dog Starts With Obedience.



Training Classes, Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services
If you are looking for a well socialized and well behaved dog. You should start with a puppy class.
Puppy  / BeginnerClasses:   $120.00 for 4 week course, 1 hour each

This is a combination puppy play/socialization, discussion, and learning class. In Puppy class, puppies can be as young as 12 weeks up to 5 months. The purpose of this class is to teach confidence to both puppy and owner. It gives the puppy the confidence he/she needs to become a stable adult dog and also gives confidence to the owner that he or she is raising the puppy correctly. Puppies will learn how to socialize correctly with other puppies so that they become friendly and non-aggressive.  There will be discussions on housebreaking, nutrition, vaccinations and common puppy problems, also  we will spend some time on beginner commands.

Basic Classes:  $180.00 6 Hour Course.

The purpose of this class is to work on the foundation of basic obedience and to build a strong and trustworthy relationship between dog and owner. Dogs and owners will be taught basic obedience commands.

Commands taught in this class will be.
  • Heel
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Off ( Dont Jump )
  • Leave It
  • Out (drop It)
  • Stand Stay


Advance Classes:    $150.00 for a 6 week course, 1 hour each week
There is a prerequisite that all dogs must have graduated from a Polite Pooch Basic class, dogs must be fully under control and completely non-dog aggressive.  The focus of this class is to work on all our basic commands with more finesse and more distance with our dogs, working off leash,  in all kinds of situations with distractions and hand signals. 


Canine Good Citizen Course and Test:    $195.00 for a  7 Week Course, 1 hour each
We will go over all 10 steps of the canine good citizen test in depth so that you will be ready and prepared to pass. Test is held on the 7th week.  This includes certificate, all CGC paper work will be mailed in for you so all you have to do is wait for your certificate.


Agility Classes For Fun. ( New )   $175.00 for a 6 week course, 1 hour each.

Energy, Energy, Energy. Does this describe your dog?  If so the we have the perfect class for you. Agility for fun is exactly that. Your dog will learn to safely fly over obstacles, Jump through tires, weave through poles, run through tunnels, scale high walls, do the ladder walk, socialize with other dogs and much much more. The best part of this class is that it is just for the fun of it.  No serious competition here.  Not only is this a great way to release energy but it is a wonderful way to teach confidence.

*All dogs must know basic obedience and be both dog and people friendly.

Canine Massage Class:( Cainine Trigger Point Myotherapy )    $165.00 for a 4 week course, 1 hour each
This class is for old dogs, young dogs, athletic dogs, and dogs that just love to be loved.  In this class I will teach dog owners the different muscles groups and the many diffrent massage techniques that it takes to have a happy healthy loving pet.  This class is wonderful because it teaches dog owners how to bring relief to sore and injured muscles caused by arthritis, knee injuries, or just the over exuberant dog. It will also teach how to calm, soothe, and relax your dog so that you can have enjoyable relationship with them.  Canine Massage is a wonderful tool it helps to aid in avoiding injuries, helping to heal injuries, and teaches your dogs that you truly love them and want to have a loving ,trusting, bond with them.
  • Dogs must be non dog and people aggressive.
  • Dogs must have some obedience.
  • Owners must bring a dog bed or blanket to class with them.
  • Classes are 1 hour long.


 Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services:

Why Kennel?  Have Your Pets Stay in The Comforts of Their Own Home.  Excellent In-Home Care For All Your Pets During The Day or While Your Away.
Pet Sitting, Day-time dog walks, playtimes, feeding / medication administration  & Potty pickup.

Week Day Dog Walks:
            All Pet Sitting and Weekend Dog Walking

 25 Min = $17.00                        All visits are $17.00 each time.                         


 All Pet Sitting Visits 1/2 Hour Each.

All prices reflect two pets. Three or more pets may be subject to a higher charge.


Pet Taxi Services: 

$20.00 round trip for a quick drop off and pick up. 
$25.00 a 1/2 hour if I have to wait with pet.

Prices may be higher if longer travel time is incurred.

Training Information and Locations:

The Polite Pooch now offers lessons at the Mellow Mutt in Manchester located ar 18 BSanrico Drive in Manchester. We also do Private one-on one lessons in individuals homes or at the Mellow Mutt in Manchester.
In all group classes there is a minimum of four students and a maximum of 12.  If weather allows class may be held outside.
*Puppy / Beginner Classes:
$120.00 for a 4 week course. Classes are 1 hour each week. (Usually on Mondays.)
* Basic Classes:
 $180.00.  (Usually on Tuesdays.)
In the Spring and Summer months courses run for 6 weeks. Classes are 1 hour per week.
In the Fall and Winter Months courses run for 4 weeks. Classes are1 and 1/2 hours per week. 
*Adavnce Classes:
$150.00 for a 6 week coures. 
Classes are 1 hour each. (Thursadys)
*Canine Massage, Agility, and CGC classes are subject to a higher cost.
* Payment methods are either cash or check
*Taxes are included in price of all classes.
* No refunds after the first class.
* Students should wear a good pair of shoes like sneakers. No flip flops or heels.
* No retractable or chain leashes.
* No head or body harnesses.
*No spiked collars.
* No food.
Private Lessons:
Can be held at owners homes, local parks, or they may come to the Mellow Mutt.  Private lessons are for dogs who have specific behavior problems or just for that person who wants individual attention, or can not commit to a group class program. Cost for private lessons are $75.00 per hour.
Class Schedules:
The Mellow Mutt, Sanrico Drive, Manchester, CT 06040:
Please call Tracy at 860-930-0895 to sign up for classes:
Puppy  / Beginner Classes:  
Mondays:        4 week classes                                         6:30pm - 7:30pm               $120..00
Basic Class:       
Tuesdays:      Spring & Summer,       6 weeks,              6:30pm - 7:30pm                $180.00 
Tuesdays:      Fall & Winter,              4 weeks,              6:30pm - 8:00pm                 $180.00
Advance Class:  
Thursdays:    Spring & Summer      6 weeks,                6:30pm - 7:30pm                  $160.00

My Akita Breeding Program:

I have owned and trained Akitas for over 25 years. These dogs are my loving pets that are raised in my home as part of my family. I do not have a kennel or a kennel environment nor do I breed evey year. My goal is to provide healthy, loving, social, companions, and to educate people who may have false knowelge about this incredible breed. My Akitas have what many consider to be the best temperments they have ever seen in the breed.. They are very social, happy and obediant.  They show no aggression towrds people or other dogs. Both Mom and Dad are AKC Reg, OFA certified free of hip and elbow dysplaisa and OFA cleared of any heart conditions. The puppies are born in my home and are raised with our family. Puppies are vet checked and sold with health guarantees. Appointments can be made to come out and meet the Mom and Dad and thier son that I kept from a past litter. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via E-mail or phone. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to speaking with you. 

                             Take A Peek At My Own Kids